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Microfiber fabric and its maintenance

Microfiber fabric and its maintenance
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Microfiber is a synthetic material that consists of very fine fibres. It is characterised by very good absorption and a long life span. However, the secret to its long life is correct maintenance.

It is easy to take care of microfiber if you keep in mind two principles: low heat when tumble drying and No! to fabric softeners.

If you want your microfiber towel to last long, you should:

1. Wash it in warm or hot water using soft detergent.

2. Do not use fabric softeners!

3. Pay attention to other items you wash with microfiber fabric. Avoid washing with cotton fabrics, as microfiber will grab on to the lint.

4. Ideally wash your microfiber towel only with other microfiber fabrics.

5. When washing by hand, use hot water, soft detergent and a brush with soft bristles.

6. Its best to air dry microfiber fabric. Microfiber will dry quickly.



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