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Home decor trends 2020

Home decor trends 2020
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Spring is in the air! Now is the time to give your home a fresh look or make it trendy with the help of simple tools. Here are some recommendations and tips for you.

What surprises will the new season bring? In 2020, interior design trends are influenced by both traditional values and the green lifestyle. In furnishing, you can feel the touch of the 70s. Maximalism has come to compete with the long-reigning minimalism. The interior is more about comfort. You can add luxury and extravagance with some genuine works of art.

The most important keywords in the colour palette are classic blue, dark green, and black. These colours emphasise elegance and create trendy contrasts in the interior. From the materials, velvet and marble are increasingly popular, combined with metal, wood, and other natural materials.


Velvet will continue its march to victory this year, making interiors stylish, elegant, and sophisticated. Bright blues, pinks, ripe oranges, and different brown tones will change our notion of historical red velvet. Modern velvet is a blend of luxury and comfort.


Minimalism has long prevailed in interior design, but the new year will bring new ideas. Increasingly more distinctive designer furniture is being purchased for homes. New and old are combined. Upholstered furniture is covered with expressive fabrics and numerous eclectic works of art adorn the walls. Bold floral wallpapers and various geometric shapes influenced by the 70s are currently trending. Ancient Greek busts as well as trinkets collected from trips abroad are well suited to decorate modern rooms. If you are looking for something fashionable, there are also ethnic motifs that bring the magic and adventure of foreign cultures to your homes.


Blue is the new grey! The internationally renowned paint company Pantone announced that the colour of 2020 will be Classic Blue. It is a very versatile and beautiful colour with different undertones, such as navy and cobalt blue.

Demanding colours, like black, dark purple, and dark green can now be used with confidence. People have come to realise that you cannot go wrong with black – black goes with everything. It helps to create magic and sophistication when skillfully combined with other neutral colours.


As already mentioned above, grey belongs to yesterday. Among neutral tones, warmer tones are currently popular. These are designed to create a cosy atmosphere at home. Darker tones, such as chocolate brown, burgundy, olive green, and mustard yellow, are also fashionable.

Different tones of pink are trending, but now is the season of the softest of pink (powder pink, antique pink, nude). Soft tones bring out a white glow and soften dark tones, while adding a touch of sophistication and feminine softness to the room. If you are feeling courageous, you can also experiment with yellow details to add a little sparkle to the room.


People are focusing more and more on nature conservation and recycling. Thanks to this attitude, many natural materials are now used in interior design, such as wood, stone, and granite. Luxury is combined with earthiness. Creating a bohemian atmosphere is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. As for textiles, more emphasis is placed on sensual materials like leather, velvet, and thin cotton. In general, all materials with a recognisable texture that feels good to the touch are currently in fashion.


Green, neither too feminine nor masculine, fits into any room from the kitchen to the living room. Green, combined with soft and natural materials, creates a cosy and relaxing feeling in the room. Olive green, beige green (fir green), pastel green (almond green), and sea green are among the preferred colours.

The green details in the home interior include sofa decorations, bedding, tableware, as well as real branches in a vase. Green also works well with fashionable natural materials, wood and metal. Naturally, green looks especially elegant in the form of velvet furniture or curtains.

Green blends in well with other strong trending colours, especially blue, and creates an interesting combination with pink or mustard yellow.

Who knows, perhaps green is the colour of next year – it certainly has the potential.


A huge amount of construction work is not always necessary to refresh your home. Start by replacing the curtains. The material and style of the curtains depend primarily on the purpose of the room and the overall style of the home. Curtain fabric trends are fairly similar to cloth fabric trends. Everything natural is in fashion – linen, cotton, and silk. The most trendy curtains at the moment are Roman, Japanese, and Scandinavian-style curtains. Austrian and French curtains are suitable for lovers of lush and romantic interiors.