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Fall-winter fashion overview 2020

Fall-winter fashion overview 2020
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The French lady

Autumn fashion trends pay homage to the cornerstones of a true French lady’s wardrobe – skirt suits and detailed tailoring. Feminine silhouettes, long skirts, and blouses with ruffles or tied collars rule now.


Do you still think that knitwear constitute the most boring items of clothing one can own? You are mistaken! You can find many different detail fasteners that create playful opportunities to show and reveal from the collections of this season. In addition, knitted vests and cardigans are back in style.

Black is back!

Although the colour black has never really gone out of fashion, you can once again feel free to dress yourself in black from head to toe after the white craze of the last season.

The provocative red

All those who love colour put their chips on red this season. All 50 and more shades are in.

Colour blocking cures winter depression

Who said that red and purple do not go together? And perhaps a dash of pink? Just pick a few contrasting colours from the colour palette and match them.

The shades of toffee

Try different colours from sandy to faded yellow and find the one that suits you. If you are particularly trend-conscious, add something blue.

If you want patterns, go checkered

Although the fashion world is currently dominated by monochrome clothing, the checkered pattern is the only pattern to wear this autumn.

Fur coat

A fur coat is the must-have garment this season. We can only hope the weather will match it!

The silver disco ball

This trend takes the sequin storm of the last season and runs with it. Although sequins are still in, the trend is shifting towards metallic faux leather and matte beads this season.

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