In the second half of the 1940s, family company Michael Abakhan Ltd opened its first fabric store in Wales, England. In 1991 a subsidiary was established in Estonia. The subsidiary was given the name Abakhan Fabrics Eesti and has since grown out of the shadow of its parent company. Abakhan’s fabric stores are currently the largest retailer of fabrics in Estonia and Latvia. A total of 13 stores are operating: 7 in Estonia, 5 in Latvia and on the Internet.

KangakauplusedAbakhan’s fabric stores have been popular among fashion and handicraft enthusiasts since they first opened. This is paradise for the old and young, beginners and do-it-yourself experts, where an untold number of fanciful ideas take flight, from which products beyond compare are borne. Affordable prices and a wide selection give everyone the opportunity to be creative.

KangakauplusedOur stores give you ideas on how to make your home beautiful and original. A home decorator will find a wide selection of interior fabrics at Abakhan: furniture and decorative fabrics, lace and voile curtains, placemats and bed-linen fabrics. We also offer many more items to help you to create a cosy and homey feeling – blankets, rugs, linens, pillows and pillow shams.

Kangakauplused Everyone wants to be stylish and unique – the most beautiful girl at the graduation party, the most enchanting woman at the New Year’s ball, the most stylish guy at the get together. We give wings to everyone’s fantasies. Young and daring experimenters – who are just beginning to search for and discover their own style – as well as those with a more developed sense of taste and style, and a preference for timeless classics, will find pleasing fabrics in Abakhan’s stores.

Our selection of fabrics includes outfit fabrics, suit fabrics, silk fabrics, lace, felt, Lycra, tricot fabrics, fleece fabrics, linen fabrics, denim fabrics, velvet, tulle veils, quilted fabrics, cotton battings, linings, and adhesive fabrics. There are thousands of colours and patterns to choose from.

KangakauplusedVisitors to the fabric-weighing department discover our unique method of selling fabrics – fabrics by the kilo. This enriches our product assortment and offers an excellent and affordable alternative to purchasing fabric by the metre.

KangakauplusedIn addition, those interested in handicrafts will find that Abakhan carries all of the necessary materials and supplies for couching, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, sewing, and quilting.

KangakauplusedOur product selection of sewing supplies and accessories includes threads, zippers, seam bindings, adhesive ribbons, reflective ribbons, feather trimmings, elastics, sewing needles, scissors, furniture cords and ruffles, pearls, sequins, buttons, snap fasteners, clasps, ribbons, lace, appliqués, buckles...

KangakauplusedIt also pays to visit Abakhan’s stores when you need a gift. We also offer the pleasant opportunity to surprise your family, acquaintances or friends with gift cards.

KangakauplusedOur assortment of products is limitless; the selection is updated and supplemented continuously. Always searching for and discovering something new and exciting at friendly prices is one of the many reasons to come visit us again..


Buy everything you need from our online store, no matter when and no matter where you are. The selection of our online store includes everything required for sewing or knitting at home: yarns, fabrics for clothing or interior decor, tools and equipment for sewing and handicraft.

We offer free delivery for orders over 50 euros and a 10% discount for orders over 100 euros.

As our customers have wished, it is possible to order fabric samples from our online store. The dimensions of the samples are approximately 10x10 cm, the price 1 EUR/per pc., and the samples are dispatched to the customer by regular mail free of charge (if the customer’s order consists fully of samples).

If you enjoy convenient, fast, and secure shopping, please visit our online store:

- by what you need no matter where you are
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- free delivery for orders over 50 euros

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